Day 45/57 – Tillamook!!

Well, we’re not the first ones at the Tillamook Factory because we slept in a little longer than normal… we had to keep our windows closed at the “deluxe” campsite last night. The tour is fascinating (it’s actually a co-op of area dairy farmers and they have free cheese samples, Habañero Jack is our new favorite!) and we are all a bit more faithful as Tillamook fans now. Off to the coast we go and find a great site at the mega South Beach campsite in Newport, Oregon. We decide that Marv thinks he is a tent on wheels because we all very much prefer to be in the “tent” loops in campgrounds that are segregated. We find a great site in the most secluded tent loop and then head into town to explore a bit. We really don’t like heading to town but are collecting stickers for the bumper and almost always have to head into town to find one. If anyone is interested, there is a definite market for cool stickers in small town general stores etc. We are having the hardest time finding them! We can’t resist the roadside clam chowder on the way home, which gives me a much needed break from cooking. The quick dinner allowed us time to ride our bikes to the beach (brrrrr!!) and enjoy playing on the beach at low tide.
On a side note, I have desperately missed shopping at Trader Joe’s, home of my go-to everything. The park we met at yesterday was 1/2 a mile from our first Trader Joe’s since about July 2. Giddy! Driving the short distance from the park to TJ’s… sketchy. First, the streets are super narrow, better for a Prius. Second, it was as if we were driving through town in a spaceship. People were stopping their conversations and meals to stare and even grabbing their kids and neighbors. Our kids got a kick out of it and started waving and saying hi, parade style. Jeremy dropped me at an intersection and I wasn’t sure if I should run for cover or act like I didn’t know them. We made our escape from Portland (a beautifully small city that I would love to come back to, on my bike or the streetcar) with my favorite sauces, salad dressing and snacks… not sure if they loved Marv as much as we do! -LB




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